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Water solution for drilling in Oklahoma

Water Solution Drilling

As Drilling in Oklahoma is growing, technological advancement is making it more affordable and effective. Water injection in wells is one of the greatest technical achievements which are serving drilling in Oklahoma a lot. This process is also-known as Water flooding method; it is used as a recovery process and maintains the production rate of a drilling whole for longer period of time. This is a technique used for horizontal drilling system. Water flooding have increased that rate and took it to over 55% and some extant further than that and it was invented in Pennsylvania at the year of 1865. Water flooding become common for drilling in Oklahoma late 1980s.Water injection refers to the method in the oil industry to increase pressure and by injecting massive amount of water into the well.

Water solution for drilling in Oklahoma image

Water solution for drilling in Oklahoma

Working process

Generally Water is pushed hard through a pipe for support the pressure of reservoir which is well-known as void-age replacement and to sweep out oil from the hidden part of reserve, and push it towards the wells whole. That’s how the production is stimulated .Nowadays this process is so common that in both sector of offshore and onshore oil drilling companies are using it.

Water for the Water flooding

We all know the crisis of water in Oklahoma therefore water flooding is very hard to use, companies are always in search of water for their well. Any source of water can be use but the water has to be chemical free that’s why seawater is the obvious choice for drillers. It is the most convenient source of water however, filtering, deoxygenating and bio-coding is generally required but for offshore nothing can be better than it and it may be pumped inshore for use in land fields. Some drillers have advised to use river water that require filtration and bio-coding before injection and many environmental groups are protesting against it and aquifer water from water-bearing formations other than the oil reservoir. In the same structure, there are advantage of purity where available. Recently produced water is used very often for injection. This water is much better then river or sea and got low possibility of causing any formation damage due to incompatible fluids, although some risk of scaling or corrosion in injection flow lines or tubing still remains.
It’s hard to find any reliable source of clean water for drilling in Oklahoma so many oil producers are looking forward to the filters and water purification plants to fulfill their destiny.


Meeting water quality specifications for injection or re-injection is essential for protecting the permeability of a reservoir. It is also necessary for developing the water drive required for enhanced oil recovery, and subsequently for increased production of our environment that’s why filter is seneschal in this process. The filter use to be clean the water and remove any impurities, like shells and algae. The conventional system of water purifying just takes action against dart, shell, rock and biociding but some filters are providing remarkable solutions by cleaning up corrosion, scales, active chemicals, hydrocarbons and active carbon moreover some are added with deoxygenating tower. Filtered water is bring in front of the injection water and contacted with the dry gas stream and the water drops into the de-oxygenation tower, splashing onto a series of trays, causing dissolved oxygen to be lost to the gas stream but filter with these kind of improvement can be equally costly.

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