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Oil and Gas Drilling in Oklahoma

Oil and Gas Drilling Opportunity in Oklahoma

Oil and Gas Drilling in Oklahoma image

For drilling, Oklahoma is the most precious place. Oklahoma is well known for historical oil and gas reserve. Oklahoma is now it is 5th greatest producer of crude oil, and has the 2nd-largest number of active drilling rigs in the nation. On December 2008 the crude oil production was less then 4,770 thousand barrels but year next it grew and stood at 5310 , but do you know the best part , $11.3 billion in tax revenue was collected by the state, over last 12 months of 2009 , $12.6 million higher than the previous record most of it was contribution of drilling industry. At the January of 2010 the production of crude oil was 4,971 thousand barrels and at the February of 2011 the production reached the number over 6848 thousand which is impressive but the following year was much more impressive because the production reached a new land mark of 7153. According to the last received information at April of 2013 manufacture of crude oil was 9615 thousand barrels. This increased number tells us the silent story of success.

Job Opportunity in Drilling

Drilling job opportunities

Drilling job opportunities

Employment opportunities in drilling occupation at Oklahoma are massive. Oklahoma is all about oil and natural gas. Unemployment rate is way below than national average, and it’s because of this industry. Nearly one-quarter of all jobs in Oklahoma are tied to the energy industry. A recent research of the Oklahoma Energy Resources Board shows us the oil and gas industry was responsible for pouring more then $51 million into the state’s economy and created jobs for over 300,000 people.

American production has always had potential for such extensive procedure and now the reality of it becoming true is more positive than ever. In the process of Oklahoma rediscovering itself, Oklahoma is mounting their horse to success.


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