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Oil and Gas Drilling Career in Oklahoma

September 10, 2013 | Career Opportunity | no comments

Oil and Gas Drilling Career in Oklahoma

Drilling Jobs in Oklahoma

When it comes to your career you must not make a wrong move. In case of growing oil production new investors are coming rapidly in Oklahoma along with that old companies are also digging new wells for this, expanded works of industry is in need of massive human resources that’s why one should look for career in this sector and I think it will be a good response to an opportunity. For joining this sector you must know what job is going to be best for yours there are many kind of job in a drilling sector.
Before you try for the drilling industry you must be aware of the difficulties and hurdles. Honestly it’s a hard job and requires plenty of time with heavy weight lifting and some times bad weather can create real hesitations.

Drilling Jobs in Oklahoma

The driller man

The driller man is main crew in drilling sector or we can assume him as “crews foreman”. As a driller a man have to be mentally alert and physically active because he have to deal with 100lbs and difficult equipments actual rig operations involve the use of both hands and feet to operate total controls in hoisting Motor Hand and drilling machine and he have to identify the safety limits to operate the rig because he is responsible for hole operation that’s why a driller must be able to see gauges and dials at the distance of 5-10 feet’s and he must not be away of 90 feet from Derrick hand .

For a drilling employee most of his challenges in physical part because primary duties of this position need extreme level of physical activity in a 12 hour period, he have to tolerate lifting weight of more then 100bls from floor to waist 10-12 times a day , the driller deal with 12 hours of pushing, climbing , lifting , pulling and rough weather .

Floor hands-Lead Tong & Chain hand

There are two positions for floor hand those are floor hands and lead tong, they are primarily appointed for assisting the motor man and maintenance of drilling equipments the floor hand also have to deal with chemicals, mud paint and moving the rig up and down the lead tong who is well known as “worm” assist driller for threaded connections of the drill pipe.
The chain hand deal with retighten and torque the connections and spin chain to screw and connect the threaded connections. Because of the modern technology chain hand don’t actually through the chain for the rig, they operate with spinning motors and now days they are responsible for following proper safety measures.

Yard Hand

Yard hand is a very important part of a drilling company they usually keep yard location clean, prepare the place and clear all safety hazards. A yard man is responsible for all equipments , he inspect daily in breakout line, snub lines, and tong dies, excessive wear, fraying oil soaks for damage, etc. This man is used to repair and paint, he keeps eye on every employee and workers for their needs.
We can call a yard man “all in one person” he is a man with all kind of ability’s. Yard man’s work includes assisting welders, mechanics, or electricians. General assembly of drilling equipment to minor sandblasting, inspecting safety hazards , looking for problems, painting jobs and Driving a Fork Lift too,


A motorman is the person whose operation is to execute routine checkup of the bilge, pump-rooms, tanks and machinery along with the daily maintenance of the machinery. For this post a parson needs a wide range of mechanical knowledge about diesel engines along with he have to ably for trouble shooting, identifying problems and repair minor mechanical hazard that arise.
The motor man’s work is to keep eye on engine and informing the group of maintenance immediately for abnormal instrument readings or failure symptoms detected on critical equipment. He is responsibility to check oil and its pressure, temperature and radiator water level to serve his findings in the daily basis.

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